a Premiere Audio Engineering, Rehearsal Complex & Tour Management Company

Audio design

Whether producing a local business press conference, an in house concerto, or an official government gala


We bring life to the artistic audio of the best.

Vision implementation

Our facilities and capabilities are the blank canvas interface used to turn your vision into your greatest asset.


“GDIC Sound is the forefront of performance sound creation, technology, and management. GDIC defines the standard in facilitating domestic and international full circle audio engineering.”


Mr. West has facilitated concerts internationally throughout 5 continents and served as lead consultant & audio engineer for venues from 200 to over 40,000 in attendees.

Reasonable Rates

We develop and design packaged that are suite for our clients needs. We look forward to speaking with you!

Best Podcast Stories

Business Success Story

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Math Olympiad Winner

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The Man Behind The Sound

from GDIC

Stay tuned to the upcoming podcast and Vlog from Dean West. 

Our Clients

Kirk Whalum

The greatest compliment to someone's hospitality (and in this case professionalism, attention to detail and excellent service) is to ask to come back. I've made GDIC an integral part of my touring/rehearsal logistic now for close to 10 years. For good reason!

Pastor Jerome Bell The Maryland Family Christian Center, The Bell Group & Ministries

I thank God for the opportunity to experience excellence and a concern for excellence, integrity, and care when being involved in various projects. Be it sound, rehearsal, or equipment, working with Brother Dean West and those that he brings to the table helps to ensure a conducive atmosphere to the fruition of the vision. He knows what to do! Recently working with him during the preparation of the Tramaine Hawkins live recording was just a "God send!" Awesome! He needs to do a book and those that desire to be in that kind of industry need to read it!

    We are sound!

    We at GDIC offer our clients service unmatched in audio design, consultation, and vision implementation.

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